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Breaking: Superstar breaks his silence on CAA-NPR-NRC

Breaking: Superstar breaks his silence on CAA-NPR-NRC

By : Kaushik Subramanian

  |  5 Feb 2020 7:50 AM GMT

Superstar Rajinikanth who has always been upright about his views on social and political issues has once again made a bold statement without succumbing to the popular convenient narratives created by a section of people, political parties and media houses. Attending to members of the press outside his residence, Mr. Rajinikanth took on some tough questions along his stride. Responding to the question/allegation that he has been silent on the issue of CAA, NPR and NRC, Mr. Rajinikanth gave a detailed answer and his position on each of the three.

He categorically stated that it is ‘essential’ to have a population register for our country and referred to the NPR exercise mooted by the Congress government in 2010. He stressed on the need for it by saying “Isn’t it important for us to know about the people who are residing in this country, who are the citizens of our country, who have come from other countries, etc?” On NRC, he mentioned that the government has not yet come out with any policy or proceedings regarding the same.

With respect to CAA, he explained how it has nothing to do with Indian citizens irrespective of any religion and that it is an issue of granting citizenship to those fleeing the neighbouring Islamic nations due religious persecution. He criticized how the entire issue has been skewed as if it is a threat to Indian Muslims. Praising the Indian Muslims who chose India as their ‘janmabhumi’, he expressed that he would be the first to stand in solidarity with the Muslims and raise his voice if the government brings about any policy that harms their rights and interests. He assured that the CAA does not harm Indian Muslims in any way and strongly criticized the political parties and religious outfits for instigating them. He advised the students protesting against the CAA to read about the matter, speak to different people for clarity and then take a position. He cautioned that students would be used as pawns by political parties and that their life would be in jeopardy as a result of it.

Responding to the question on the non-inclusion of Tamil
refugees from Sri Lanka as part of CAA 2019, he mentioned that those refugees
living in India should be granted dual citizenship and that care should be
taken to not disturb the lives of Sri Lankan Tamils living in Sri Lanka as they
have been living there since ancient times.

Following this, Twitter is on fire with Twitteratis coming in support of the actor. To put in millennial lingo, Superstar has once again proved his ‘lit-ness’.

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