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Census India 2021 - These are the 31 questions that will be asked during the exercise

Census India 2021 - These are the 31 questions that will be asked during the exercise

Pranesh RanganBy : Pranesh Rangan

  |  11 Jan 2020 4:50 AM GMT

Census of India 2021 exercise to begin from April 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020. The Home Ministry has officially issued notification yesterday based on the powers conferred on Section 3 and Section 17A of the Census Act 1948. Opposition parties fuelled many misconception on Census and NPR. The Opposition went to extreme end hauling that Central Government will demand various documents to prove the citizenship.

Clearing the air, Home Ministry has issued the notification mentioning 31 questions that will be asked during the exercise

1. Building number(Municipal or local authority or Census number).

2. Census house number.

3. Predominant material of roof, floor and wall of the census house.

4. Ascertain use of census house.

5. Condition of the census house.

6. Household serial number.

7. Total number of persons normally residing in the household.

8. Name of the head of the household.

9. Sex of the head of the household.

10. Whether the head of the household belongs to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe/Others.

11. Ownership status of the census house.

12. Number of dwelling rooms exclusively in possession of the household.

13. Number of married couples living in the household.

14. Main source of drinking water.

15. Availability of drinking water source.

16. Main side of lighting.

17. Access to latrine.

18. Type of latrine.

19. Waste water outlet.

20. Availability of bathing facility.

21. Availability of kitchen and LPG/PNG connection.

22. Main fuel used for cooking.

23. Radio/Transistor.

24. Television.

25. Access to internet.

26. Laptop/Computer.

27. Telephone/Mobile Phone/Smartphone.

28. Bicycle/Scooter/Motorcycle/Moped.

29. Car/Jeep/Van.

30. Main cereal consumed in the household.

31. Mobile number (for census related communication only).

These questions were released following Opposition's vicious campaign fuelling fear and anger among general public

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