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Betrayal of DMK government - DMK made sure that ISRO launch pad was not constructed in Kanyakumari

Betrayal of DMK government - DMK made sure that ISRO launch pad was not constructed in Kanyakumari

Betrayal of DMK government - DMK made sure that ISRO launch pad was not constructed in Kanyakumari

Kathir WebdeskBy : Kathir Webdesk

  |  14 Aug 2019 6:42 AM GMT

Padbhushan Award-winning scientist Nambi Narayanan has written some shocking information about DMK in his own auto-biography. Satish Dhawan Space Research Center is located in Sriharikota, 80 km north of Chennai, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This research center is the launchpad of the Indian Space Research Institute (ISRO).

Cost of fuel to run the rocket launcher in space is less when the location of launch is more closer towards the equator. The rocket launched from the east coast also saves fuel costs and flies directly over the ocean. These reasons make South Tamil Nadu a better location to launch rockets than Andhra Pradesh. Apart from these reasons, South Tamil Nadu is the best place to launch rockets than Andhra Pradesh as South Tamil Nadu is less prone to cyclones.

Then why is ISRO set up in Andhra Pradesh? Is this a conspiracy against Tamil Nadu?

Vikram Sarabhai wished to set up a rocket launch near Kanyakumari because of above reasons. Vikram Sarabhai, who is hailed as the father of the Indian Space Mission, was waiting to meet the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Annadurai was unable to attend the meet because of illness due to backpain and he sent his minister to meet Vikram Sarabhai. The minister lately arrived to meet Vikram Sarabhai and was drunk and tabled cruel demands (bribes) to Vikram Sarabai. Leading scientist Vikram Sarabhai is disgusted by the DMK minister's actions and returned.

The Andhra Pradesh then gave ISRO 23,000 acres of island in Sriharikota to setup space center. The former minister who demanded bribes was none other than Madhiyalagan.

This incident went viral in Social Media. Following this, Nilakanta Siva, who was a member of that site selection committee has broken the truth by claiming that the presence of illegality in DMK's discussion is a fact. Here is his post:

Similarly, writer Kalyana Raman reports that scientists who worked on the Vikram Sarabhai group during that time had spoken about how the DMK's bribery demands had prevented ISRO from constructing launch pads in Tamil Nadu. He also reported that during the same period, Andhra Pradesh government was very supportive to ISRO and Andhra Pradesh government's chief secretary at that time Dr.Abid Hussain made sure that proper arrangements were done to construct ISRO launchpad in Sriharikota. He also added Tamil Nadu was the most preferred site for the construction of space center but the plan didn't work out.



Such facts getting exposed is going to be a big black mark for DMK. This incident is an addition to the list of DMK's bad deeds to the state of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu had lost numerous jobs and opportunities as ISRO space center was not constructed in Tamil Nadu.

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