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Pakistan role behind Go back Modi trends exposed!

Pakistan role behind Go back Modi trends exposed!

Pranesh RanganBy : Pranesh Rangan

  |  12 Oct 2019 6:46 AM GMT

Pakistan’s role in creating #Gobackmodi trend in twitter has
got exposed. When Prime Minister Modi visits Tamil Nadu, the hashtag
#GoBackModi was created on Twitter and gets trended in India trend list. Prime
Minister Modi has come to Tamil Nadu for the informal meet with the Chinese
President, and again #GoBackModi hashtag has been created. Since it has been
re-trending at the juncture of meeting between two important leaders,
intelligence has begun investigating such activities against Indian

It has been revealed that some people from Pakistan have
teamed up with terrorist groups to create this hashtag and make it trending
every time. It is also found that they are acting as if they have affection
towards Tamil people. It also should be remembered that Pakistan people
promoted Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in Tamil Nadu, when the Wing
Commander Abhinandan was arrested, to create separatism in Tamil Nadu.

Many Tamil people stopped participating in these trends
after they came to know that these trends were manifested by Pakistan. Most of
these accounts that carry out these trends are paid bots and are suspected to
get payments from Pakistan.

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