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Vijay's fan raised banner for actor Vijay with the money saved for parents' medical expenses : Tamil youth are being continuously brainwashed


Pranesh RanganBy : Pranesh Rangan

  |  21 Sep 2019 9:42 AM GMT

The brainwashing of Tamil youth by movies and film actors has been going on for decades now. It has become a practice by some actors today, to emotionally entice young people to make their films profitable. The mainstream media is here to help popularize the political views of some actors when they talk even without the basic knowledge of the problem. The idea of being brainwashed by emotionally speaking actors does not arise among the youths of Tamil Nadu. Even scholars and speakers do not want to expose this.

Vijay fans seem to be more likely to be brainwashed in Tamilnadu. During last year when Sarkar film was released, videos of Vijay fans throwing home appliances out of their homes have gone viral on social media. The most insane of these, a Vijay fan broke the government-provided laptop in order to support actor Vijay.

The Vijay fans do not even have the basic knowledge that these appliances are provided as free by the hard earned taxpayers' money. The filmmakers seem to be living a lucrative life when their film becomes success.

Actor Vijay starrer Bigil is going to be released this year. The music launch of the film Bigil took place at a private college in Somangalam near Tambaram, Chennai.

It was advertised that a number of cinema personalities including actor Vijay, composer AR Rahman and actress Nayanthara would be present at the event. Fans have spent up to Rs 2,000 to attend the event and also became the victim of the lathicharge of Police.

Video of Vijay fans speaking to a website news who attended the music launch, are being shared widely on social media. One of the fans said that he had kept the banner for Vijay using the money he had saved for his parents' medical expenses. The video has been shared and criticized by many.

The irony is that actor Vijay has tuned his fans emotional by speaking against the banner culture and voicing for the techie Subasree's death. In those days, dramas and films helped people with good thinking. But today, young people are being brainwashed to make a movie profitable.

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