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Who is new Kerala governor Arif Mohammed Khan? Read the article for more details.

Who is new Kerala governor Arif Mohammed Khan? Read the article for more details.

ChandrasekaranBy : Chandrasekaran

  |  6 Sep 2019 10:52 AM GMT

Arif Mohammed Khan was chosen as the governor of Kerala took
oath as governor of Kerala today. Arif Mohammed Khan is a modern Muslim and an erudite
Islamic scholar who wants Islam to come out of the orthodoxy discrimination and
reform itself for the better. He has written various articles and books regarding
Islam and Sufism. His book “Text and Context: Quran and Contemporary Challenges”,
published by Rupa & Co, was a best seller in 2010.

Arif Mohammed Khan is someone who displayed strong opposition
to the practice of Triple Talaq. He resigned from the Rajiv Gandhi Ministry and
Congress Party, when the Rajiv Gandhi government passed the minority
appeasement law after the Shah Bano Case. When the present Narendra Modi
government passed the bill to ban Triple Talaq, Arif Mohammaed Khan welcomed
the move of the Union government.

Arif Mohammed Khan, who resigned from Rajiv Gandhi Ministry
and Congress Party, later joined parties such as Janata Dal, Bahujan Samaj
Party and Bharathiya Janata Party. He resigned from BJP during the year 2007 as
he wanted to remain non-partisan. Arif Mohammed Khan remained as a non-partisan
since his resignation from BJP.

Narendra Modi government is known for rewarding genuine and hardworking people irrespective of the party irrespective of the background of the person. Arif Mohammed Khan, who is an ex-Congressman was appointed as the Kerala governor by Narendra Modi government for his unbiased and hardworking nature. Arif Mohammed Khan took oath as Kerala governor in Raj Bhavan today.

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